How to Make Extra Money Hosting a Trivia Night at a Pub/Bar

Are you looking for ways to make more money from your bar/pub? Why not try hosting a fun trivial night. These are exciting events where teams of people come together to drink, eat, socialize and answer trivia questions. Plan to hold this on a regular basis as this helps to establish friendly rivalries between the teams that develop. These can also be a great way to develop amity among people who work in the same company. Below are some of the ways on how to make extra money hosting a trivia night at a pub/bar.

Charge entry fees

One of the ways on how to make money from the trivia nights is to charge people an entrance fee. This is something that needs to be done carefully however as you don’t want it to chase people away. Make certain that the prices set are low enough to attract a huge crowd. You can also have other arrangements such as everyone who pays the entrance fees gets a free beer to entice people to pay. This is likely to pave way for the bar or pub to make more money than it usually does.

Planning raffles

It is also possible to make money by organizing a 50-50 raffle. This is where when individuals purchase raffle tickets, one part of the ticket entered into a raffle. This is something that will most likely attract many participants as they look forward to win a prize. You do not even have to give away expensive prizes as you can looking for something simple that people will appreciate. It is however important to make sure that you run the raffle in accordance to all the laws applicable to it to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

Charge teams for wrong answers

Another method that can be used on how to make extra money hosting a trivial night at a pub/bar is to charge teams for any wrong answers they give. This has to be done after making a judgment on whether it is suitable for the participants or not. This can be done in an interesting manner where all the participants can contribute a certain amount of money and then you can transfer a dollar to the prize pool anytime a person answers the question incorrectly. When the game ends the team that has won can keep its money while the rest goes to the pub.

Capitalize on natural rivalries

Do not forget to capitalize on natural rivalries. You can fabricate this especially while dealing with people who work for the same firm for instance by having human resource versus accounting. You can also look for people who support different sport teams and organize a face off. This will help make the event more entertaining and will probably raise more funds. All in all you have to make sure that the events are well planned and fun so that people do not get bored and they end up giving you repeat business while introducing their friends and relatives to the trivia nights.